A Message from the President

A Message from the President

Our company has carved out a history of over 100 years as a specialist watermelon breeding farm and has always been a strong leader in our field. We humbly thank you for your greatunderstanding and support in making this possible.

We have devoted ourselves to study for the construction of a production system that can keep up with the ever-changing needs of the times with cultivar development and technologicalresearch as the greatest missions of our farm.
We are now exerting all our strength in the breeding of 3 types of plants (melons, watermelons and grafting stock) while fully utilizing cultivar breeding, research nurseries and breeding materials building a strict seed quality testing system and preparing staff and equipment for a technological revolution through the application of biotechnology.

Company Overview

Name Hagihara Farm Co., Ltd.
Location 〒636-0222 984 Hokiji, Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara
Tel 0744-33-3233 (Main)
Fax 0744-33-4332
Founded 1916
Established 1963
Work content ・Watermelon/Melon breeding
・Seed sales and production
・Technological development and guidance



Zentaro Hagihara, Creator of Fuken-go

Zentaro Hagihara, Creator of Fuken-go

Two generations ago in the early 1900’s at our farm Zentaro Hagihara introduced our own watermelons. While working on improving the farm’s management and revenue he keenly felt the necessity for superior cultivars and preserving seed purity. In 1916 he started out in the selective breeding and seed production business. In 1923 he developed the “Fumin-go” seed variety which attracted the attention of the industry. This was the start of him becoming a watermelon breeder.

After that, in order to raise the quality and viability the “Fumin-go” and “Asahi Yamato” lines were crossbred to produce the “Fuken-go” variety in 1937. Through national watermelon taste comparisons the superiority of the “Fuken-go” variety became widely recognized in national schools and distribution circles. In April 1951, “Fuken-go” was honored as the first watermelon seed name to be officially recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the variety spread throughout the country.

In the same year we formed the Fuken-go Federation with like-minded farmers based on the principle of the direct descent of superior cultivars. Since then, along with our national conference, we have continued to hold our position as a leader in the industry through technological research aimed at stable production of superior products, information exchange with those involved in the marketplace to invigorate sales and information campaigns aimed at the creation of a uniform trademark and the encouragement of greater consumption.

A Message from the President

Pursuing New Breeds Through Tireless Testing and High Technology

The improvement of breeding and cultivation technology and the production and supply of pure seeds are key to the farm’s management. For that reason the farm’s technology research staff continues their unceasing study to improve seed production and raise the best varieties while always relying on the guidance and counsel of the National Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science, related universities and agricultural experiment stations, etc.

Watermelon/Melon Quality Testing

Including existing cultivars, new combinations and market cultivars our farm deals with 150 different varieties. We repeatedly cultivate new parental lines, about 350 lines for selective breeding (1 line, 20~160 strains) in greenhouses, low tunnels and on bare ground. We investigate the characteristics of all the fruit produced and continue selective breeding. New varieties are produced through a wide selection of pure breeds, time, extensive selection, testing and technology.

Biotechnology Lab

We are developing technology for anther and ovule cultivation working with the goal of developing the early productiveness of better lines and disease resistance utilizing DNA markers. We are involved in fundamental research for breeding aimed at cold resistance, high yield and labor efficiency, etc. We also carry out DNA level F1 seed purity and soil disease testing through PCR technology as a quality control process in seed production.